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5 Most Controversial Movies of Bollywood

5 Most Controversial Movies of Bollywood

Bollywood has come a long way by taking on subjects that were once deemed inappropriate and unsuitable. During this journey, many films were banned due to their controversial subjects by censor board or religious groups. But the B-Town hasn’t shied away from taking on bold and controversial subjects. Not only these movies created a stir among the audience, but also have received much critical acclaim after the release. From the recent Lipstick Under My Burkha to Shabana Azmi’s Fire, have a look on the most controversial movies of Bollywood.

  • Bandit queen

    This movie was released in 1994, directed by shekar kapoor. This is based on the real life story of Infamous Indian dacoit Phoolan Devi who later turned into politician. It is one of the best movies that have ever graced the silver screen. It received an overwhelming response on some film festivals. However, bandit queen crashed down in the swamp of controversies because of its explicit language and extreme sexual content. The movie further faced objections by phoolan Devi herself. She, herself wanted to stop the nation-wide release of the movie.

  • Fire

One of the most debated and controversial movies of all time – Fire starring Shabana Azmi ad Nandita Das. Released in 1996, the story shows the lesbian relationship between two daughter-in-laws. This movie was extremely criticized for its theme and glorifying lesbian relationship. It was the first ever film in the mainstream cinema to explicitly show homosexual relations. Fire created uproar on its first day of release and it was sent back to censor board. Many members of political parties such as Shiv sena and Bajrang Dal protested against its release.

  • Black Friday

Black Friday depicts the most horrific and gruesome events of Mumbai riots and bombing back in 1992-93. Anurag kashayp’s hard hitting crime drama movie was stalled by censors and it had undergone so many screenings before it was released in 2007. The movie was banned for two years as it was supposed the movie might influence the decision of the court for the ongoing verdict.

  • Water

Deepa Mehta’s movie, Water, was another controversial movie. It attracted the wrath of Hindu organization. Released in 2005, the story dealt with a topic like sati, creating problems for the film. This movie showcases the lives of widows in an ashram. This movie –unbelievably- hurts the “sentiments” of Hindus. In response, Hindus burnt down the posters and did a huge protest against it. An activist Arun Pathak also organized suicide protest to stop the film productions.

  • Lipstick Under My Burkha

Battling the Indian Censor Board, Lipstick Under My Burkha was released this year and got some rave reviews. The film was expected to release in November last year but was banned by censor board for its explicit sexual content. The story revolves around a group of Hindu and Muslim girls dealing with their sexual desires. It generated great critical acclaim for its rich content and bold performances.

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