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5 Lesser Known Facts About Tea

5 Lesser Known Facts About Tea

Tea is a beverage that is being consumed worldwide since years and years. Discovered first in China, and now in many other nations, tea is a major source of earning for them. Tea is a hot beverage available in lots of variety. It is the second most consumed drink in the world. For nations like India and Pakistan, tea is the most consumed beverage, regardless of the weather, time or place. Pakistan imports tea from a lot of countries like Kenya, India, Burundi and Tanzania.

Different regions across Pakistan have their own and different flavours. Like in Karachi, Doodh Patti and Green tea is mostly preferred. In Punjab people prefer Doodh Patti where as in Kashmir; they have their own version of tea known as Kashmiri chai. The concept of green tea had started in late 1990s as the people were turning health conscious and green tea helps in burning fats. Black tea is also consumed but in a less quantity. Tea, sometimes sipped on the go, whereas sometimes prepared with great love and care in a traditional way. There are too many varieties to choose from; a lot of history which is unrevealed which almost no one knows.

5 facts about tea that are yet a secret for all:

-All tea, whether white, black or green, comes from the same plant known as camellia-sinensis. The different comes after the plant goes through a procedure of processing it into a form that can be consumed easily.

-To all the people who say tea is not full of caffeine. Tea has much more caffeine than coffee. But, we use less quantity of tea to make the mixture, it relatively reduces the impact.

-For us tea is only consumed when hot. No, tea is known as the most thirst quenching summer drink when consumed cold usually with ice or lemon to add some flavour.

-Tea leaves are a natural means of keeping the brrbrring mosquitoes away. Just damp the tea leaves and rub over the surface you want to keep free from insects.

-Tea is not only for people who consume it. There are other benefits of them too. It helps in healing shaving cuts, reduces bad smells, a good fertilizer for growing roses and helps the women to make their floor shine.



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