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5 Lesser Known Facts About Jerry Lewis

5 Lesser Known Facts About Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis, the legendary Comedian and Filmmaker, died on Sunday aged 91. As the world mourns the loss of not just a great artist but a great human being, we bring you five lesser known facts about him.


  1. His Meeting with Albert Einstein

Jerry made his television debut in 1943 along with tap-dancing Bill ‘Bojangles’ and a lady named Arlene Woods. The show was seen by Albert Einstein. After the show, Jerry and others were taken to visit Professor. Einstein complimented him saying: ‘You did a good job, young man’.


  1. Nominated for Nobel Prize

Not many people know that Jerry was nominated for Nobel Prize for his work to find a cure for muscular dystrophy.


  1. He Turned down the Famous ‘Some Like It Hot’

He turned down the famous role of Jack Lemmon in the 1959 classic comedy show ‘Some Like it Hot’.


  1. He Used to Carry his Oscar Sometimes

Unlike other Academy Awards winners, Jerry sometimes carries his Oscar around with him. He was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Academy Award’. He pulled out his Academy Award from a duffel bag at a press conference at Cannes Film Festival in 2009.


  1. He never Wore His Socks Twice

Jerry never wore the same socks twice. This came as the reflection of his early years of poverty-stricken and socks with holes in it. He used to throw his socks away after wearing it once.


Jerry was an iconic personality and the White House issued a brief statement of appreciation for his incredible charity work. Despite his critics, he will be remembered as a true hero.

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