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4/20: What you Need to Know

4/20 weed day

Do you know the meaning of 4/20 or why April 20 is referred to as ‘Weed Day’?

4/20 is marijuana’s most famous day. The code 4/20 refers to the consumption of cannabis by pot smokers at 4:20 AM/PM on April 20. It is celebrated internationally among the pot community.

Most of the pot smokers refer to as ‘4:20 at 4/20’. It is one of the most celebrated day among the weed world, focusing on upliftment of mind.

4/20 weed day

4/20 weed day

People from different walks of life come together for celebrations, including educating and protesting about the plant.

Pot smokers believe 420 to be a movement as marijuana continues to legalize in the world. The day is marked by 20 festivals that are happening in the world in countries like England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Germany, India, Netherlands and New Zealand.

Marijuana is still illegal in most of the countries of the world while there are movements going on in some countries to legalize the plant.  The benefits of plant for health are still debated in many parts of the world and there is no concrete conclusion suggesting its consumption for health purposes.

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