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3 reasons why Israel benefit from Saudi-Qatar conflict

3 reasons why Israel benefit from Saudi-Qatar conflict

The rift between Saudi Arabia and Qatar appears to be beneficial for the other world powers who have been craving to get hold of the strings in Middle East. Saudi Arabia along with Egypt, Bahrain, and UAE has suspended their diplomatic relations with Qatar over allegations that the oil rich state supports terrorist groups and for supporting Iran. The rift, proves to beneficial in Israel, which seeks to maintain stable relationships with countries in the region.  Here are three reasons why Israel benefits from the Saudi-Qatar rift

Qatar Supports Hamas


Qatar has supported Hamas for the last ten years and also hosted Khaeld Mashaal who is a former leader of Hamas in Doha for five years. During the year 2012, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani visited Gaza and pledged hundreds of millions of dollars for the strip. As a result, Qatar therefore offered Hamas with not only residence in Doha but financial support as well along with diplomatic channels.

The present rift has increased pressure on Qatar to expel members of Hamas and decrease its support for the group. Moreover, Qatar has to worry about the airline passage for its airways along with situation at the Gaza Strip. However, the financial and the political setbacks make it difficult for Qatar to support Hamas leaving Israel to worry about one less ally of Hamas.

USA Appears to be The Boss in the region


The history of the present crisis was a feeling that US President Donald Trump’s speech to drive out terrorism also proved to be giving a green signal for states to act. During President Obama’s  rule, Israel felt isolated sometimes since US was in pursuit of a deal with Iran. However, the picture seems to change as USA is back in the region.

Israel and Saudi Arabia improving relations


Israel has had mutual interests with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in opposing Iran. Since Qatar has supported Hamas, the new crisis promotes those states, which are rejecting Qatar’s alliance and perceive Israel as a partner with Hamas and Iran. Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya has even planned to do interviews with Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot.

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