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Sarah Munir


Meet the 1st Pakistani Journalist to Work on Facebook’s News Team

Meet the 1st Pakistani Journalist to Work on Facebook’s News Team

Journalism in times of social media is all a different story. From content promotion to getting your facts right in real time is something that is both challenging and exciting about journalism today. In her pursuit to find truth from the false and making the best use of social media, Sarah Munir has made it to the world’s top most social networks – the first Pakistani journalist to have worked with Facebook’s and Twitter’s news curation teams.

Sarah has experience of working in editorial roles at Express Tribune, Dawn News and some international news publishers like The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, VICE News, Quartz. She has also worked for international publisher Forbes.

Sarah has done her Masters in Multimedia journalism from the Columbia Journalism School. As part of news curation team, Sarah has worked on how social media is changing the craft of journalism. She also points about the problem of fake news circulating at more speed due to the clickbait culture and the problem with finding the authentic publishers on social media.

She told about the responsibility journalists hold on spreading relevant information and preventing sensationalism. “As a journalist, that means raising your bar for verification and authenticity exponentially. That means verifying your sources, cross-checking the sources of the material that you share (photos, videos, quotes) etc. and being completely transparent about the origins of that information.”

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