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15 Common English Words That You May Be Pronouncing Wrong

15 Common English Words That You May Be Pronouncing Wrong

Do you know what it takes to pronounce a word right? Nothing much more than a little knowledge of the correct ones.

While meme and GIFs are some of the most contested pronunciation of recent times, there are many basic English words that you might be pronouncing wrong your entire life. Chances are people around you be speaking these words entirely wrong. But save yourself and others a trouble of looking stupid by learning the correct pronunciation of these commonly used English words.


Usually, most people pronounce epitome wrong. The correct pronunciation is ‘Epi-tuh-mee’ but people often calls it ‘Epi-tome’ rhyming with Rome.



The most common and accepted pronunciation of this one is ‘mawnk’ which is absolutely wrong. The ‘o’ in this one sounds as ‘u’ making it ‘munk’.



How many times have you heard people calling this one as ‘Buh-rry’? Maybe a lot. This is one of the most common mispronounced English word and has an actual pronunciation as ‘Be-rry’ which rhymes with merry.



It is a kind of vest that goes under a tailored evening attire. A marker of class and prestige in the 16th century, the term doesn’t pronounce as ‘waist-coat’ but rather, ‘wess-kut’.


People often confuse the pronunciation with the spelling of the word and Wednesday is one case. The correct pronunciation is a two-syllable word as ‘Wenz-dei’ rather as three-syllable ‘wed-nes-dei’.


There is no need to give attention to ‘g’ in this one as it is correctly called as ‘poi-nyant’ and not ‘poig-nant’.


You may have heard many people calling this as ‘Eye-bro’ forgetting the w in the end. Although ‘Eye-bro’ is a commonly used in our region, the correct pronunciation is however ‘eye-brau’.



There are many people who are adding an extra ‘eee’ in this one. The correct one is ‘mis-che-vus’ but most people are calling it as ‘mis’chee-vee-us’ their whole life.

Et Cetera

This is one word whose wrong pronunciation is widely common. We don’t know how it ended up from being ‘Et-set-er-a’ to ‘Ex-set-er-a’ but the one with ‘x’ is not acceptable.


Now this is often pronounced wrong just because how it is spelled. The ‘sth’ in the word is replaced with ‘z’ and it is pronounced as ‘Az-ma’ not ‘As-the-ma’.



Another case of adding extra syllable in the pronunciation. Vegetable is uttered as three-syllable word as ‘Vej-te-ble’ rather than calling it as a four-syllable word ‘Ve-jee-te-ble’.


There is dispute whether the ‘L’ is silent in Almond or not but mostly people pronounce it as ‘El-mund’ in our part of the word rather than ‘A:mund’ or ‘Al-mund’.



There is something with the silent words. Often people call it as ‘cum-fur-te-ble’ but the ‘o’ and ‘r’ are not to be pronounced. The correct way to say it is ‘cumf-te-ble’.



Another case for the silent letters is Debris. Just because the ‘s’ is mentioned in the end doesn’t mean it has to be pronounced. It is called as ‘Deb-ree’ rather than ‘Deb-ris’.



English is different as not all letters written are to be pronounced. Same is the case with Iron. People often add ‘r’ in the pronunciation calling it as ‘ahy-run’ but correctly, it should be called ‘Ahy-en’.

How many of these were you pronouncing correct? Share with your friends and help them save the embarrassment of uttering these words wrong.

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