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This $13 Million Rolls-Royce is probably the World’s most Expensive New Car

This $13 Million Rolls-Royce is probably the World’s most Expensive New Car

Rolls Royce is like the Yoda when it comes to expensive cars. Ever since it was a private limited company back in 1906, it has been the very epitome of luxury in the realm of automobiles. In the same year, they created their first car model that ran for a non-stop 24,000 km breaking all the records till the date. Rolls Royce is like wine. It simply doesn’t get old enough. It is so exclusive that more than 65% of all the RRs ever made are still running on the roads today.




Recently Rolls Royce has created a one of its own kind modern avatar of the vintage Rolls Royce model from 1920’s. It took around 4 years to be made and cost approximately $12.8 Million.




The makers state that this high-end automobile is specially custom built for a regular customer who ordered this car 4 years ago in 2013. This customer had some sleek ideas in mind about a two door progressive remake of the old Swept-tail Rolls Royce made back in the 1920s. The result is a high-class automobile with a yacht-inspired design.


Rolls-Royce Sweptail launch


The car was displayed on May 27 at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este called the Rolls-Royce Sweptail.


Panoramic glass roof


The Rolls Royce Swept-tail lets the driver enjoy an aesthetic full panoramic view from the glass roof.




Truly a gentleman’s car. RR Swept-tail has a roomy luggage capacity with hidden panels which fit two suitcases that slide forward upon pushing a button.




Luxury and class are present at their very best in the new Rolls Royce Swept-tail. It entails a mechanism that pushes out a bottle of high-class champagne along with two crystal glasses with just a button. Salud!

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